Happy New Year To Me!

For most people, today is a day to celebrate and reflect on the ending of a year.  And as the old gives way to the new, I want to welcome the beginning of a new year with arms wide open for the incredible possibilities that lie ahead.  Technically, the new year doesn’t start until tomorrow but I get to start a bit earlier than the rest of you…for you see, today is my birthday!   

I am not a big "celebrate me and my birthday" kind of person and yet...this year I thought I would give myself a gift.  Some women treat themselves to a spa day or buy themselves something new to mark the occasion but that is not the kind of gift I am referring to.  (Although I do confess I did buy myself a cute new dress yesterday

as I couldn’t turn down the Boxing day sales!   Ok…self control while shopping might be something to work on in the new year) 

The gift I am referring to is this space right here.

I want to use writing and journaling as a spiritual discipline to create a place to intentionally seek, discover and record the unfolding of the Beloved and sacred in my life.  I want to give myself permission to uncover joy and live fully awake rather than striving to survive, but more about that in the days to come...

With Gratitude …

Thank you to my dear friends who encourage me to blog and write and believe that I have gifts worth offering! You are truly a gift from the Beloved to me, for which I am eternally grateful.

Thank you to my other beloved, Kenneth, for buying me this laptop to demonstrate your support and encouragement in this journey. 

Thank you for also providing the IT support and patience - for someone like me who lives in the world pretty much void of technology when at all possible. Most of all, for being the person I love to minister and grow together with, in Christ.  

My Birthday Prayer,

Father,  I offer this space to you and more importantly myself to and for you.  I'm so grateful for my life in you.  Forgive me for the ways I have been stuck over the past few years instead of living in Your fullness in order to honour you.  Thank you for your incredible patience with me and for the hope that you never leave me as I am.  As I embark on this sacred pilgrimage, help me to be attentive to the unfolding of your very own Presence in and around me that I will learn to see, receive and reflect your love, truth, and grace and live overflowing with the joy of the fullness of Christ in me.

~ in the beautiful name of Jesus, my Beloved,



  1. I am so glad that your beloved Kenneth bought you a laptop! In doing so he gave us all a great gift--hearing from you. :)

  2. It was a very thoughtful gift ...I am blessed.


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