Pomegranates by Chanan Mazal

Pomegranates by Chanan Mazal

arils & castles

This blog was birthed out of a place of longing to grasp what it means to live with intention everyday, fully alive in Christ. This space was created to seek, discover, and document the unfolding of the Beloved and sacred in my life in order to learn to live joyfully entwined together in Him.

So what does that have to do with arils and castles?

First of all, I confess I happen to be slightly addicted to arils, which is the name for those brilliant ruby jewelled-seeds of the pomegranate.  I eat them like candy!  It became sort of a running joke when my husband began to notice that I would find a way to have these seeds appear in almost every dish I made...sweet, savoury, mains, salads, desserts...it really didn't matter.                         

It is also my quirky sense of humour since my maiden name is actually Castle...go figure.  

Hence, arils and castles seemed like a natural fit and the title was born!

For those of you who would prefer a more spiritual reason than that for the title of this blog, here you go...

Have you ever eaten a pomegranate?

Well, it is a messy process that takes patience and time to uncover every one of the juicy bead-like gems (seeds) hidden inside.  I still have not figured out how to dive into a pomegranate without the seeds exploding and the juice ending up on the backsplash, countertops, and of course my clothes!           

When you finally get to taste the beautifully sweet and slightly tart arils of goodness, however, it is all worth the effort. This is much like our own spiritual walk where it can seem painstakingly arduous and messy at times.  Yet, as we discover the layers of hidden treasures of Christ, we savour his goodness.

The seeds remind me that I have to be intentional with what I plant and cultivate in my own interior castle, as well as what seeds I sow in the lives of those around me.
Besides being a current trendy superfood, this esteemed fruit also happens to have royal and Biblical renown.

The pomegranate often signifies abundance in the Bible. It is one of the fruit that the spies bring back from Canaan to show Moses the richness of the promised land (Numbers 13).  The regal pomegranate was also the fruit that was found on the pillars in front of the temple (Jeremiah 52:22) and designed on the hem of the priestly garments (Exodus 28:34).

In the paintings of Sandro Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci, Jesus is shown holding a pomegranate, symbolizing the fullness of Christ.  The hidden, scarlet arils (seeds) that are revealed when cut open represent the death and resurrection life of Christ bursting forth.  (A Pomegranate For All Religions, by Nancy Haught, Religious News Service)  How incredible is that?

Just take that in for a moment of what it would mean to live each day with the fullness of Christ bursting forth from within us! 

Teresa of Ávila speaks to this in her spiritual classic, The Interior Castle. Teresa uses the various rooms of a castle to represent the place where the life of prayer, virtue, and beauty permeate the soul and draw us nearer to God.

It is my prayer that arils and castles will be a sacred, intentional space to transform and awaken my soul to experience the fullness of His Presence bursting forth.  It is also my hope that this site would be a place where the seeds of the fullness of Christ nourish your own interior castle.

If you want to walk this camino with me I would love to personally hear from you.   Please leave me a comment or enter in your email for us to encourage one another along the way.  


  1. Love what you are startind and excited to journey through your blog with you ��

  2. Thanks Chrissie - I am grateful for friends like you where we can share our lives in Christ together. Thanks for being a blessing in my life!

  3. Wow....I never knew the significance of the pomegranate from a biblical perceptive. I've read all your articles so far and enjoying every bit of them. I'm excited to start this journey. Thanks for inviting me along

  4. I know ... don't you just love the pomegranate even more!!!

    Thank you Sarah for taking time here and I am honoured and so excited to have you join together on this journey in Him.


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