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To Rememberan act or effort of memory
to remain aware of
to have come into the mind again
To this day when I smell gasoline, I am instantaneously transported back in time to the joy of Grandpa starting the snowmobile.

Snoopy (I know, such an original name) - our shaggy dog is barking and determined not to be left behind. Bundled in our snowsuits and sopping mitts my sisters and I vie for who will get to sit on the snowmobile with Grandpa and who will be left to climb in the back of the bumpy makeshift wagon to go along for the ride.
It is remarkable how the simple gift of smell can evoke such powerful memories.

Our ability to remember is an extraordinary gift.  Sometimes it comes with such ease and at other times requires significant effort on our part.

Have you ever noticed that we can pack up Christmas into the storage bins as our company returns home having completely neglected and forgotten about the true guest of honour - Christ Himself?

God knows how easy it is for us to w…

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