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Excrementum ~ The Path To Spiritual Detoxification

 latin origin
from excernere 
to sift out, excrete

Elimination the complete removal  or destruction of something the expulsion of waste ~my friend

I would say that my husband graciously tolerates most of my shenanigans as you can see by the thrilled expression on his face in this photograph.  (the word embrace might be a bit of a stretch!)

A while back I had this great idea to take my nephews out for dessert at the Poop Cafe.

You sit on toilet seats as they serve water to you in urinal shaped cups - which I admit we found a little disturbing.  You know you have gone too far when Caleb and Xander actually think something is over the top!  If you can get past the unique decor the novelty desserts are actually quite delicious.

I believe we have Dr Oz and Oprah to thank for putting poop on the map.  

Elimination is not only essential for our physical well-being but is imperative for our spiritual health.  

We can add exercise to our daily routine and chia seeds to our organic…

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