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A Church Spring Snow Day

“Most of the things we need  to be most fully alive  never come in busyness.  They grow in rest.”  ― Mark BuchananThe Holy Wild: Trusting in the Character of God

Happy Spring,

The email message this morning notified us that church would be cancelled due to the unexpected April ice storm.

My husband leaned over and asked me - is it bad that I am a kind of happy to have a snow day from church?  

It is as though we have forgotten what it is like to delight in a God-prescribed day of rest.

Children know how to enjoy a snow day. They don't fret and they certainly never look for other work or responsibilities that they could get done with their newly freed up time.  They simply have fun and play.

Why do we as adults find this so difficult?

We tend to feel this sense of guilt if we are not working and swept up in the blur of activity.  This is especially challenging for those of us who lead on Sunday mornings.  We arrive early running around making photocopies, rehearsing, ironing out the powerpo…

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