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My Mission Impossible

When I started my Rule of Life back in January I had no idea what would unfold over the months to come.  The discipline of learning to let go opened wide the floodgates to areas that I had conveniently kept safely tucked away off limits.

That is where the mercy, mystery and humour of God come in.  He delights to probe deep within every nook and cranny of our being that keeps us from living fully in Him.  

He leaves no part of our exterior or interior castle unturned. 

At first when I began this daily ritual of letting go I was exhilarated when I would receive a nudge from God regarding a particular area that required attention.  

In fact, I found myself strangely eagerly awaiting each new assignment that required surrender.  

There I was just like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. 

Your mission Nicole is to fully trust in me, should you choose to accept it!
(quote - based on Mission Impossible film series)

Yes - I accept the mission.

So I set out singing my mission impossible theme song as I h…

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