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Keys & Purses ~ Unlocking ancient detox secrets that are guaranteed to improve our health in the new year

I start chucking items frantically out of my purse on to the floor on a rampage.

Sunglasses, reading glasses, wallet, hand sanitizer, 9 pens (who needs 9 pens?),  a book, cords, charger, snacks, an empty package of lozenges, 3 tea bags and a flattened caramel from a past conference with who knows what growing underneath the wrapper - nasty.    

I still can't remember where I put them.

There on my hands and knees, surrounded by my hoarded purse contents I hear this voice telling me to stop the madness.

I was hardly in the mood for a conversation, none the less I concede and flop down amid the mess on the dusty floor.

How can you find what you really need in life when you are carrying around all this baggage?

What if like the items in my purse I could simply dump out the contents that I cram and hoard in this brain and heart of mine?

What  baggage  are you  hoarding   and
on to?
There are books, blogs and products galore that promise to de-clutter or detox us into healthier, happier and m…

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