Marmalade and Moccasins

There is a couple from our church who I absolutely adore.  I call them Mr and Mrs C.  They are actually the parents of my brother in law. 

There was a story that Mrs. C shared many years ago that stuck with me.  It was about her labour of love.  

This labour of love entailed making homemade marmalade for her husband.

Making this delectable fruit preserve is not a quick process.  I researched a number of recipes on line and I now realize why she called it a labour of love.  I saw one recipe that gave a time of 25 hours and forty five minutes to complete this process. really have to love your husband to make this spreadable delight.

What made this gesture so sweet was when she confessed that making marmalade was not something she particularly enjoyed, yet this did not seem to stop her. 

To this day I am still unsure if it was the taste of the marmalade itself that she did not like or if it was the chore of making it.

Perhaps it was both.

This act of kindness was her way of demonstrating love toward her husband.

The other day I felt like I had a marmalade moment of my own - except it had nothing to do with any condiments.

Ken came home the other evening and told me to close my eyes.

When I opened my eyes there before me stood my old pair of beloved moccasins made "almost" brand new.

Many well meaning loved ones in my life had attempted interventions of sorts to try to convince me that it was time to lay these moccasins to rest.  The threads had come undone around the toes so that the front of my shoes would flap wide open with every step.

I knew they were right, but I could not seem to part with these shoes.  Not only is it difficult for me to find a comfortable pair of walking shoes, but these moccasins had travelled everywhere with me.

These shoes had been to Colombia, Italy, Newfoundland and throughout the States.  There was something nostalgic about the memories associated with these well worn shoes.

Now I realize Ken did not exactly labour and hand stitch my old moccasins back together, but he did thoughtfully take the time to surprise me by having them repaired.

When I put them back on my feet the story of Mr and Mrs C and the marmalade came flooding back.

It is often the smallest acts of kindness that can have the most profound impact on others.

Is there someone you know who could use an act of kindness this week?  It might be your spouse, a friend, a colleague, parent or neighbour.

Why not demonstrate the love of Christ and make someone's day with a marmalade & moccasin moment!


Thank you for resurrecting my moccasins back to life!

I know I have not learned how to make you marmalade from scratch like Mrs. C, but hopefully you enjoyed the homemade preserve that was purchased with love!


  1. Thank you for sharing such precious stories of loving well and thoughtfully. I will be thinking of ways to do the same and pray that a ripple of loving acts goes out to the world as a result of your examples.

  2. Thanks Belinda - that is a great prayer - especially in such a time as now.


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