An Unexpected Angel!

Come and behold Him,
Born the King of angels
O Come All Ye Faithful, Wade/Oakley

When love came down, did I miss Him?

A helpless, dependent baby born in a filthy manger was not what the world expected.  This tiny child did not fit the image of the powerful King they had in mind.  A baby born the King of angels.

I love that Jesus shows up in the most unexpected ways.  His loving Presence is revealed and found in miraculous grand gestures, but also in the small, the ordinary, the weak, the messy, broken people and places of life. 

In my effort to not miss Christ in the craziness of the Christmas season - I dared to ask God to see Him in the unexpected.

This is the incredible story that unfolds...  

Last March, I wrote about a documentary called, A Better Slice Of Life.  

This film featured the powerful story of students with a developmental disability gaining independence through an innovative culinary program developed by a partnership between Christian Horizons and Humber College.

As part of the instruction in this unique employment-focused college program students receive their certification in First Aid and CPR.

On December 13, 2016, Dylan Duncan, one of the dedicated culinary students from this year's cohort was on his way to work when he saw a man having a heart attack and in need of help.

Dylan immediately stepped into action by applying his knowledge and training from his recent certification in CPR.  Dylan's leadership and skills ended up saving this man's life.

Jessica Burman Zinger (the wife of the man whose life was saved) was reported by the CBC as saying that Dylan is

 'a hero and an angel.' 

Check out the full article of Dylan's story here: 
Culinary Student With Developmental Disabilities Saves A Life 

This extraordinary event has me asking some hard questions.

CPR is performed and lives are saved everyday so what makes this story so unique?

Am I surprised because the unexpected hero in this story is a person with a disability?

In fact, when I viewed the comments that were trending on one site, there was a person questioning whether the story was even true.  I believe the validity of the story was called into question because most of us have a preconceived idea of what a hero looks like.

Can we be really honest for a moment?

If our Heavenly Father sent an angel to rescue us, would we expect this celestial being to come in the form of someone with a developmental disability?

I confess, not only do I often catch myself expecting far too little from God but I also still fail at times to see and assume ability instead of the disability in others. 

Advent calls you and me to come with expectation.
Love is
in the

The Scripture in Hebrews 13 reminds us that there are times we may not be aware of angels in our midst. 

I'm beginning to realize that angels are not just for Christmas stories of long ago.

Believe &
 the unexpected

Dylan's story is a needed reminder to never underestimate the talents, abilities or contributions of others simply because they have a disability.

After all, like Dylan, they just may happen to be one of God's unexpected and qualified angels sent to minister to you and me!

O Come, let us adore
the King of Angels

Dare to ask God to see Him in the unexpected this Christmas season.

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  1. "Advent calls you and me to come with expectation." Sitting finally, with a cup of hot white chocolate and enjoying...Yes, Advent is a time of waiting with expectation--not for presents, but for The Presence--God with us!

  2. I am so glad you are finally getting an opportunity to rest - even though advent has now come to a close I am trying to remain attentive to come everyday with expectation ... Amen - God is with us


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