Becoming One With Light

Union is as if in a room there were two large windows through which the light streamed in
 It enters in different places but it all becomes one.”

St. Teresa of Avila

Rule of Life ~ Reclaiming Sabbath

In my desire to learn to live fully awake in Christ I knew this would not be possible without also pursuing Sabbath.

I don't think one is possible without the other.

Without a deeper understanding of Sabbath I would continue to live out of my own resources and strength rather than out of the overflow of Christ in me.

As I entered into the practise of this rule of life, God quickly began to reveal the importance and benefit of remembering to keep the whole of Sabbath. 

Even though I believed that Sabbath was more than just going to church for a defined amount of time to worship God, my actual practise of this truth was inconsistent at best!

God shed light concerning this issue in regards to how I was spending my time as Sunday evening approached.   

When I began to see the weekend fade, panic, fear and dread would begin to set in.  Sabbath rest was up and gone!

I can't tell you how many Sunday evenings I have lost over the years out of fear of the unknown.

The reality is I can never get back the Sabbath time I gave away to worry and anxiety.

After talking to many friends and colleagues over the years I realize  that I am not alone.

Many of us fear that we are inadequate to carry out the responsibilities we have been given.  We dread having our failures exposed or that we will disappoint those who are counting on us.  We imagine the worst possible outcomes regarding projects, audits, exams, or difficult conversations that we know we must face. 

Anxiety can be paralysing.  Sin has a way of choking the peace, rest, and life out of us.  Essentially, fear steals Sabbath.  

What I am slow to grasp is this...

most of what I worry about is either completely out of my control or insignificant in the grand scheme of God's Kingdom.

Not only is worry and dread counterproductive, but ultimately it demonstrates my lack of trust in the reliability of God and His faithfulness.  

I thought this quote from St. Teresa of Avila was a wonderful reminder as we come to a close of another Sabbath and begin our week together.

Union is as if in a room there were two large windows through which the light streamed in
 It enters in different places but it all becomes one.”

When God's light streams in we are never alone again.  We become one.  

I love how she describes the beautiful connection between light and oneness.

When the light of Christ streams in we no longer have to operate from our own strength, wisdom or effort.

As a recovering type A, I am relieved to learn that living awake is not about striving for perfection or being focused on outcomes.

In fact, living in Christ is about learning to leave outcomes in God's hands. 

That is really hard for me at times.

Being awake is about living in this union with the Trinity.  

I am trying to absorb what it would be like to live every moment in oneness with Jesus, the true light.

Not just in spiritual theory or when things appear to be going well.

I want to live in constant union together, with the garment of Christ, His light upon me.

Matthew 3:16 speaks to this in the account of the baptism of Jesus.

(Side note... can you imagine being the one to baptize the actual Son of God?) 

The passage says that when Jesus came up from the water …

“He saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove and lighting on Him."

Some translations say “alighting on Him.” 
It was this spectacular event of the very Spirit of God coming down from heaven lighting on Him that preceded the incredible ministry that would follow in the days ahead.

Sometimes I wonder if this is why we see so little transformation in our lives, ministry, or churches.

Perhaps we are trying to operate in our own wisdom, strength, and understanding.

Let this truth seep into the core of our being.

The very same Spirit that came down from heaven alighting on Jesus that preceded his transformative ministry is the same light and Spirit that resides in you and me.  

If you are like me and start to feel the anxiety as Sunday evening commences and the weekend begins to fade, I urge you to take back the Sabbath!

As children of light, delight in and embrace the gift of constant union with Christ.

Allow the light of his Presence to continue to restore and give you rest.    

Put aside the temptation to worry.

Give thanks that the Spirit that is in you has everything that you need.

Be still and know that God is in control of the week.

He is able to take care of whatever is going to come your way.  He is already on it!

Remember His light and Spirit remains on and in you.

You are never alone!

Let his light stream in...abide in the gift of Sabbath and the gift of union with Him.

Until next time....


  1. Someone once wrote that God gives us 52 days a year to rest. What if we embraced that gift fully; what difference might it make? It is so counter-culture to fully stop. I think of the pauses in music--without them the notes would not make sense! With you in the journey of waking up.

  2. That is beautiful Belinda...thank you for sharing that. When I am leading the choir I often remind us in rehearsal that the rests and pauses are just as critical as the words and notes. They provide space to breathe and allow time for the people to lean in to listen attentively to the story we are singing. I think we are more attentive to listen to God and lean in to what He is doing in and around us when we embrace the rest! Thank you for that reminder Belinda!


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