Live Covered In Light

I am usually freezing cold (no surprise for those of you who know me).  My nephew Caleb and I are kindred spirits in this regard.   Although we are Canadian, we are not ashamed to admit that our preference is to enjoy the winter cold and snow from the “great indoors” with a cup of hot cocoa.

I love to seek out the warmest place in the house to hibernate where the light streams in.  I have a favourite chair by our front bay window where the morning sun floods the room.

On other days I stow away on our tiny porch to soak in the warmth of the sunlight as I meet with God before the world awakes.

Light seems to have this ability to bring my body and mind into a place of true restoration.  

After reflecting this week on the verses from Romans (that I shared in my last entry) it began to make a lot of sense why I tend to seek out places where I am surrounded by light.

"it is full time now for you to wake from sleep.  For salvation is nearer to us now...cast off the works of darkness and put on the armour of light...put on the Lord Jesus Christ."
          Romans 13: 11,12, 14

I am convinced more than ever that we are wired in our DNA to be drawn, covered, wrapped, and filled with light.

We are created to live in the fullness of the light of his presence.  We are designed to have his light illuminating upon, in and through us.

Psalm 104:2 beautifully speaks to this...

 “the Lord wraps himself with light as with a garment.” 

There it is again.  The image of light being a garment, clothes, or armour that we are called to put on as a covering of protection.

If the Lord wraps himself in light...then so should we!   

Awake My Soul

To practise my rule of life this weekend I am going to begin my day by intentionally reclaiming Sabbath to renew my mind and body in Christ.  

I am starting my weekend morning in meditation and prayer. I am going to bask in the warmth of his light and wrap myself in Him.

I welcome you to join me.  

I am choosing a quiet sacred space - the chair by my window where the light steams in.

Find a space if possible where you can be surrounded by light.  Do not worry if it is evening and you are just reading this... simply light a candle or sit by a lamp so that you can see and feel the light.

Take a few deep breaths

Still your mind and focus on the breath and the light of Christ

Feel the warmth of the light

Allow the light to wrap you like a blanket

Inhale slow and deep

As you inhale, breathe in His light and Presence

Exhale the deeds of darkness

What sins this week do you need to confess and put aside...withholding love, quarrelling, pride, failing to offer belonging, judgement, jealousy, complaining, worry, or a lack of trust or gratitude...

As you inhale give thanks that He is faithful to forgive us our sins

As you exhale acknowledge your need for his help to put aside the deeds of darkness and to live in His light

See His very Spirit descending and alighting on you.

Picture Him covering, wrapping, and filling you with His light.

His light is renewing you with His very own resurrected life.

Give thanks for His very Presence, His light dwelling in you

As you meditate on the passages from Romans 13 or Psalm 104 - what images come to your mind?  What is God revealing or saying to you today?  Write down any thoughts that come to mind.

Give thanks you are not alone to meet the needs that will arise today

Picture putting on Jesus, the armour of light as your garment

Ask Him to shine the light of his love through you to those you meet today


Now let us go forward in our day in faith that we have the garment of Christ and his light upon and in us.  

 May He wrap you in His light


  1. Thank you Nicole for this beautiful reminder of truth! Praying that you will be overflowing with His light as we start this week and pray that we will be able to represent Him well. Chrissie

  2. Thanks so much Chrissie, I have been blessed by having His light of love shine through you into my life over the years through your friendship. Joining you in prayer that we may rest and abide continually in His light.

  3. Well I'm having a hard time sleeping and pulled out the bible. I was just sitting in silence and came across 1 John:5-7. And what lept off the page? "God IS light" It is such a comforting thing to know that in a world full of darkness we can find light in HIM.

  4. Sarah - I just love how his Spirit works and how he speaks to us... that is brilliant! His light is with you and in you... I think that is incredible that He is revealing himself as light to you. Thanks so much for sharing!


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